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Safety Information


The Mibblers are unique and quirky, covered in spikes, imaginary creature with characteristic black and white markings who can often be found in the care of babies. They also just happen to be the coolest teething toy on the planet!

With growing concerns over baby teething toys and the high risk choking hazard because of unsafe designs and lack of testing, it was time for an alternative to be created. The Mibblers are like no other teething toy on the market!

The Mibblers are a WORLD FIRST in their design and development and are the first 3D silicone hollow baby teething toy with a super safe design and extra cute squeak! There’s no latex, no paint, no worries! We guarantee that every single Mibbler is 100% free from nasties such as BPA, Latex, Phthalate, Cadmium, PVC and Lead.

The Mibblers give your baby all the benefits of a natural teething toy, without any risk of an adverse reaction to latex! No parent wants to think that the baby toy they give their newborn could cause an anaphylactic shock reaction or a nasty “teething rash” caused from chewing on something dubbed “natural”. The Mibblers were created because there wasn’t anything on the market that ticked every box and was a true 100% BABY SAFE teething toy. But now The Mibblers are here you’re totally covered.

The Mibblers are made from 100% Silicone, so no latex like you’ll find in “Natural Rubber teethers” because we care about your babies sensitive skin and latex can cause really painful and sore rashes around your bubs mouths and eyes. There are so many teethers on the market that use “natural” in their marketing, but they don’t warn you about containing latex! So with The Mibblers you don’t have to gamble with your bub, our tribe are free from ALL nasties (even those “natural” ones!)

The Mibblers were designed (and redesigned) in Australia by two clever mamas, Danielle Stearman and Lisa Galea. All of our designs are 100% original and not inspired by anything else in the market. All of our designs are protected under our IP Copyright and are trademarked.

To ensure you are purchasing legitimate Mibblers products, please note that all of our products are packaging, stamped with our logo, inventory number and unique batch code. As our popularity grows so will counterfeit products, so be sure you’re purchasing from one of our registered retailers or distributors. Buying from an unapproved third party is dangerous and can put your baby at high risk, as the components, materials and testing will not be to our standards and you won’t have our quality guarantee. When it comes to your baby don’t take the risk! Shop original The Mibblers products and know you’re covered.

Any individual or business found selling counterfeit goods will be pursued under International copyright law.


The Mibblers are 100% newborn safe! With no long limbs or beads/wood/choking hazards, they’ve been designed to be safe from the very first day your bub arrives. The Mibblers were developed to engage bubs human senses, sight, touch, taste and sound. The monochrome design is great for your babies vision engagement (who doesn’t like a friendly Mibbler smiling back at you!) and upon squeezing them they’ll let off a cute squeak. The Mibblers love to be chewed on and their spikes were developed around breast feeding mamas with the nipple-like design. And finally, the touch is so soft for your baby, it feels as soft as their skin. Not sticky or plastic feeling and your bub will love all the sticky-outtie bits they can grab, hold and chew. They are super durable, tough enough to take those toothy pegs and the perfect toy from newborn and beyond. Once you introduce The Mibblers to your household you’ll realise how cool they are.

Absolutely! Yes. As previously mentioned all of our products contain no nasties and we independently test to ensure that we can make our claims. The Mibblers meet/exceed safety requirements in Australia, US, Canada and Europe and we regularly test them to ensure we keep up with any industry changes. The Mibblers have no elongated parts, no long legs or arms so no choke hazard risk with baby pushing it too far into their mouth. We don’t skimp on testing our products and our safety reports can be provided if requested by our customers, wholesalers, distributors.

The very best way to clean The Mibblers is to give them a wipe over with a warm face washer or non-toxic baby wipe. As they are made from 100% silicone, they won’t carry or harbor any mold or bacteria. If you want to run your Mibbler under the tap please cover their squeaker hole to prevent water entering the toy. Please do not submerge The Mibblers as the water can affect the squeaker and the toy can become water logged and cause your cute squeaker to stop squeaking. In addition, please do not put The Mibblers in boiling water, a steriliser, dishwasher or in the microwave, you wouldn’t like it and frankly neither do they! 

The Mibblers are made in our own socially responsible facility in China. With years and years of industry expertise and skill, they are just as passionate and excited about The Mibblers as we are. We ensure that the people who help in creating each and every Mibbler are treated fairly, with great working conditions and pay, and are not exploited in any way whatsoever. Our team just LOVE The Mibblers, each one is checked over and given a little polish and clean and a check to make sure they squeak just right, before popping them into their boxes in anticipation of meeting their new baby friend. We are sure a little chuckle is had every time one is completed and stares back at our team with it’s super quirky smile!


The Mibblers are very proud to be vegan, cruelty free, don’t contain any animal by-products and are not tested on animals.

Not one little bit! A world first product innovation, The Mibblers are 100% LATEX and BPA free. Tested, certified and compliant to FDA, CPSIA, EN 71 and AU/NZ Standards.

The Mibblers are so beneficial to your babies in terms of engagement and stimulation as well as covering you when those toothy pegs start popping up! Teething can be a really stressful time for parents but with The Mibblers in tow, you’ll have a trusted baby toy that will offer distraction, comfort and is totally safe. The Mibblers stimulate the senses and also offer your bub the chance to develop their fine motor skills which are so important while they are little. The Mibblers are super easy to hold, with their spikes replicating nipples, it offers babies a comfort whilst saving our breastfeeding mamas from chewed out nipples! The Mibblers have been such a successful baby product that we’ve seen many parents comment on how their toddlers still love and play with them, so as far as investing in the right product from the beginning, we think The Mibblers are a winner!

No problem! Feel free to get in touch with us by using our contact form on this website or by dropping an email to Subject: Question for The Mibblers.