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The Mibblers are BACK and better than ever. LATEX FREE! World first! Shipping FLAT RATE $7.95

The Mibblers

The Mibblers - Dusty Blue


Imagine if there was a way to engage with your newborn baby in a fun and safe way that could stay with them for years to come? A product so cool and innovative that it literally shapes the way your baby develops their fine motor skills, can actively play (giggles for free!) and chew on all the parts with no choke risk. Well, we are proud to present The Mibblers.

The Mibblers have been specifically designed to give your little one a super cute product from birth and beyond. Our multi-award winning, globally recognised brand has worked tirelessly to create and offer you our WORLD FIRST development, the new and improved baby toy. The Mibblers have been designed with your baby in mind and their safety our #1 priority, with no beads, long limbs, no LATEX, no nasties - we can confidently say we are a 100% tried, tested and safe baby product. No hidden fine print, no warnings and no "discard after 3 months use" - we pride ourselves on The Mibblers being able to stay with your baby from newborn, teething and well into their toddler years.

The Mibblers are made from the highest grade silicone found anywhere in the world, no sticky, plastic feeling silicone here. No paint either, The Mibblers bold print has been developed to be monochrome and bold to engage your bub from the earlies moments in life. The Mibblers feel as soft as your babies skin and won't pick up fluff or dust like others on the market. Soft and squishy but tough enough to take on those toothy pegs! 

The Mibblers are 100% LATEX free - so no allergy reactions or sensitivities for your newborn. No BPA, pthalates, cadmium, lead, PVC or any other hidden nasties. Bye bye plain, boring, teething toys - Hello The Mibblers!

Adopt one of The Mibblers today and give them a new home with your little bub and you'll have invested in a product that offers you super spikey cuteness, longevity and the happiest moments when you see just how much your bub truly loves them.

Dusty Blue is cool and slick and ready to meet your little one, all you need to do now is add to cart and await the arrival of The Mibblers into your home. What are you waiting for??

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love this little guy!

Amazingly helpful for teething babies to chomp on and my little grandson loves the squeak! He belly laughs every time it makes the noise. The black bumps on the Mibbler's head are ideal for baby's gnawing and the black contrast is perfect to capture his attention. Highly recommend!

Great soft teething toy.

My teething grandson loves this toy. Its soft, and just the right size for him to hold and gnaw on easily. He also likes to took at the face of the little figure. Money well spent.

It looks cool!

I gave one to my little brother when he was a baby and he still loves it even now. It's his favourite toy, he thinks it's a magic monster that protects him. Why would you waste your money on something that will only last a couple of months with your baby? The Mibblers for the win.

He won’t go anywhere without his 'best friend’

My son loves his Mibbler, so much that we have 4
- one in every colour. They've been the best product
from teething to toddler, even helping him to sleep.
He won’t go anywhere without his 'best friend’


My 4 year old is passed teething age now and with another one coming in a few months I was hoping to pass his Mibblers on to his little brother (yep he has two). I was quickly told to ‘just buy another one’ 😳 Looks like he won’t be sharing and I’ll be stocking up on more Mibblers! It’s a wonderful product coupled with fantastic customer service! 💕